All dogs participating in boarding and daycare must have current rabies, distemper (multi vaccine), and bordetella vaccine please email them prior to their first day or bring them to your tour. The Chic Dog Application must be submitted via email ( prior to scheduling. In order to keep everyone safe and healthy if your pup appears to be ill, has been vomiting or has diarrhea they will not be allowed to attend daycare until they are better. 

If you are boarding it is required to bring their own food individually bagged or a small container. Due to some dogs having allergies or special diet restrictions we are not able to supply their meals. Just please be sure to label it :) You may bring toys, blankets, a bed or whatever else you think will keep your baby comfortable. If you do not want to bring those items it is okay! We have all of that. 

In order to hold a boarding reservation a deposit is due at the time you would like to reserve a spot. 

Our cancellation policy is as follows: 

-48 hours for daycare

-5 days for non-holiday boarding

-7 days for holiday boarding

We are open by appointment only. You can make appointments between the hours of  7:30am - 5:30pm Monday through Friday. Saturday and Sunday between 8:00am-5:00pm. There are no late pick ups. We ask for all daycares to arrive by 9:30am so we can start our day with established play groups. Boarders must be dropped off by 5pm.