Basic Manners

For dogs of any age. This class is perfect for any dog who has never taken training before, an older dog who needs a refresher, or a newly adopted dog who needs guidance. Commands covered will include sit, down, stay, leave-it, leash manners and more. There will also be ample time to discuss common behavior problems such as jumping and counter-surfing.

Intermediate Obedience

This 5 week class is for dogs who have completed a basic training course. This session will focus on building reliability of behaviors previously learned: stay, come when called, leash manners etc. We will also introduce new behaviors such as heel and settle.

Puppy Manners

 The first puppy class is geared toward puppies between the ages of 8 weeks and 6 months old. Louise will cover basic puppy problems such as mouthing, potty training, and jumping as well as include some basic obedience commands. This class may begin with some play time. smile emoticon

6 Week course an hour a week for $160.00

Private training lessons are also available for $60.00 / Hour.

To register please submit an email or call the chic dog hotel.